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“I decided to give them a chance and met with Anthony and his painter. I felt like Anthony was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his work so I decided to go with them.  Just as their advertisement says they are  dependable, reliable and on time! There painting totally and completely met my expectations. They did a beautiful job! Anthony even went above and beyond the call of duty  to assist me in transporting my supplies! I would totally recommend them!” ~Cam C

“I found The Day Rate Painter on craigslist.   Was kinda leary, but  Better Business gave the business an A- rating.  The company  is also insured.  No estimates, just comes prepared to paint for $250.00 a day. They also do partial painting.  For myself, I painted the bottom half and hired The Day Rate Painter for the top (2 bedroom/bath) and eaves.
Anthony showed up on time, caulked and spray painted the siding, rolled the trim and continued till the paint ran out redoing what I had painted.  ALL FOR JUST $250.00 (8 hour shift)  I highly recommende this company.. Make sure you use THE Day Rate Painter  342-1806 and not a copy cat.  Tell them Ann from Kapolei sent you!!” ~ Ann P

“Anthony was great!  Showed up on time and was very tidy and efficient.  Had a bathroom medicine cabinet removed and installed, some drywall patching/texturing as well as the usual painting.  I even got $50 off for being his 10th client.  Every 10th client/job gets $50 (thats an awesome deal, a full days work of labor for only $200).   Highly recommended.”   ~Jayson A

“We have used The Day Rate Painter on two separate occasions.  Anthony was referred to us by an Interior Designer friend who had nothing but praise for his work.  She has been in business for many years both here and on the continental US and we trusted her opinion immensely. We were more than pleased with Anthony as a reputable business person and with the quality of his work.   His work ethic and his construction knowledge are impeccable.  Anthony is more than just a “painter.”  Because he takes pride in his work and believes in customer satisfaction, before he started painting, he took the time to explain how he would approach the project.  Anthony explained the types of paint and materials he would be using and why he recommends using them.  He also explained why he felt some jobs cannot be done in one day.  With the information he provided it was then up to us as the homeowner, to decide whether or not to follow his approach or choose another route. On the first occasion, Anthony painted our kitchen, living room, halls, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  He could have easily painted over the construction flaws and we would have been none the wiser.  Instead he either took the initiative to repair it before painting over it, or explained the situation to us to see how we wished to proceed. On the second occasion he repainted our outside entryway, porch, garage walls, window trims, steps, and replaced water damaged wood. Anthony is a straight shooter who does not mince words and I appreciate him for his candor.  He is also a very mellow dude who is civic minded, artistic and very trustworthy.  We always recommend Anthony to anyone looking for a painter.” ~Lynne R.


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