The Day Rate Painter


Specializing In Residential & Commercial Painting (Interior / Exterior) and Drywall Repair

While working with a paint master in Texas, the founder of The Day Rate Painter was taught an eight step system for painting and staining newly constructed homes in the greater Dallas area and the surrounding tri-states. He took this system further by incorporating his own cost cutting and time saving techniques into every job he did.

It is those very trade secrets that have cultivated The Day Rate Painter into what it is today. These techniques have been very effective for many years now, saving our customers time and money.

The founder of The Day Rate Painter believes in bringing the best value and customer service to every customer. He is also responsible for all of The Day Rate Painter’s mottos: “We always show up and are on time”, “You wouldn’t believe what we can do in a day” and “No Estimates… Just a Painting Professional with Nascar Speed.”

It is with our Diligent,Reliable, Professional (DRP) service that The Day Rate Painter really began to take off!

DRP team painters are committed to the success of The Day Rate Painter and we are always looking for more ways to please our customers.
Let us know how we can serve you better!

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